230. Information Memorandum From the Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Personnel (Barnes) to Secretary of State Vance 1


  • Monthly Status Report on Affirmative Action Programs

In your recent meeting with the Executive Level Task Force on Affirmative Action,2 you asked to be kept informed on a monthly basis of the progress of our two hiring programs. This is the first such report.

For the November Class, 6 Junior and 2 Mid-Level Officers have entered on duty. We are now in the process of extending offers to candidates for the January 1980 Class.

I have attached a summary of where we stand in our intensified efforts to enhance our recruitment and selection postures.


Report Prepared in the Office of Recruitment, Examination, and Employment, Bureau of Personnel3



[Page 935]
A. Successful Candidate Pipeline
Offers of Appointment:
Committed to EOD in November Class 6
Committed to EOD in January Class 1
Declined Offer 3
Offers Pending for January 3
B. Short-Term Pipeline
Additional forms 19
Security 9
Medical 0
Final Review 8
Total Potential Candidates 36
C. Long-Term Pipeline Status

1. “Recaptured” Exam and AAJOP Candidates

(a) During last year’s examination cycle a group of 20 minority written examination passers who scored in an “acceptable range” on the Assessment Center have been invited to pursue their candidacies through the AAJOP Program, without further assessment. Twelve candidates have been contacted by telephone and responded in the affirmative. The remaining 8 were sent letters.

(b) There were also 14 AAJOP candidates who likewise scored in the acceptable, but not passing, range. Nine candidates contacted by phone have agreed to retake the assessment during the 1980 cycle. We have sent mailgrams to the remaining 5.

2. Direct Recruitment

(a) AAJOP Applications Since October 1
Received 234
Rejected 35
Approved (forms requested) 177
Pending Review 22
(b) Advertisement Program

TEAM Associates, a minority firm, was contracted on June 1, 1979 to carry out a selective advertising campaign in minority and women’s magazines and newspapers. Ads were placed in 119 publications, 95 newspapers with local distributions in cities throughout the United States, and in 24 magazines (including college placement manuals). As of November 14, we have tallied 6,050 written requests for special programs information. So far the effort has provided 47 AAJOP and 27 Mid-Level applicants.

II. Mid-Level

[Page 936]
A. Successful Candidate Pipeline
Offers of Appointment:
Committed to EOD in November Class 2
Committed to EOD in January Class 1
Declined Offer 2
Offer Pending for January 2
B. Short-Term Pipeline Status
Additional forms 2
Security 6
Medical 2
Suitability 1
Total Potential Candidates 11
C. Long-Term Pipeline Status (Since October 1)
1. Special Programs
Received 217
Rejected 79
Approved 43
Pending Initial Review Committee 95
2. Application Review Committee
Received 32
Rejected 15
Approved for Oral 7
Pending Review 10
3. Board of Examiners—Mid-Level Oral Examination
Received 17
Rejected 4
Approved 3
Withdrawals 0
Pending Oral 10
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Records of the Under Secretary for Management (M), 1978–1979, Box 9, Chron November 9–17, 1979. No classification marking. Sent through Read. Printed from an unsigned copy.
  2. No minutes of this meeting were found.
  3. No classification marking. Cleared by Gershenson, who did not initial the clearance line. Copies were sent to Burroughs, Gershenson, Ronald Palmer, Clint Lauderdale, Karl Ackerman.