228. Telegram From the Department of State to the Security Officer Collective1

270359. SY Channel, for RSO from SAS. Subject: Homosexuality.

1. The Dept has established a committee to develop a policy regarding the employment of homosexuals.

2. Since one of the primary prerequisites for Foreign Service employment is the ability of an individual to favorably represent the United States, worldwide, SAS would like a short telegraphic summary addressing the following questions for each country served.

A. General legality of homosexual behavior.

B. Current enforcement trends—how actively is the law enforced?

C. Current judicial trends—what is the range of punishments imposed?

D. General appraisal of social acceptance, e.g., local nationals’ view of foreigners, especially diplomatic personnel, engaged in homosexual activity.

3. At this preliminary stage, SAS does not wish the RSO to engage in time consuming legal research. We would like only the opinions of knowledgeable post personnel. Specifically include comments regard[Page 932]ing homosexual activity between consenting adults in private, soliciting for activity and opinion of host country nationals towards individuals who publicly announce their homosexual orientation. Please exclude activity involving minors and physical force. Priority handling of this request will be appreciated.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy File, 1979. Limited Official Use. Drafted by John Drotos (A/SY/SAS); cleared by Verne F. St. Mars (A/SY/OPS), and David McCabe (A/SY/PSI); approved by Michael Coughlin (A/SY/SAS).