156. Memorandum From the Director of the Office of Civil Service Career Development and Assignments (Bourbon) to the Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Personnel (Barnes)1


  • Status of FPMP

Last Friday, August 11, the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 was reported to the floor of the House under a rule which provides for one hour of general debate followed by amendments. After the hour of debate was completed, it developed that Congressman Clay had 70 amendments to offer. The bill was then taken off the calendar. On Wednesday, August 16, the bill was placed on the calendar for Thursday, August 17. It then developed that agreements which were thought to have been cemented between last Friday and Wednesday, were not solid. Congressman Clay still had many amendments. The bill was pulled off the calendar and has been rescheduled for September 7 and 8. Efforts are going forward to reconstruct the compromise that had been agreed on earlier.

It is believed that the Senate will take the bill up next week. Accommodation has been reached with Senators Mathias and Stevens (who have between them, 100 possible amendments) to drop their amendments in exchange for an increase in employee rights and changes in the SES. The Senate does not plan to recess until about August 30.

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Administration officials are still quite optimistic about the chances for an acceptable bill this session. However, at this point, timing is critical. If there are major filibusters in the Senate or if Mr. Udall is unable to devise some accommodation in the House quickly, chances for legislation will be greatly lessened. It should be mentioned that at levels in the CSC below the top, there is nowhere near as much optimism.

The implementation working group, dealing with SES, will meet at the CSC on August 28. I will attend.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Records of the Under Secretary for Management (M), 1978–1979, Box 2, Chron August 17–18, 1978. No classification marking. Printed from an unsigned copy.