125. Memorandum From President Carter to the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies1

Government reorganization for better Government performance is one of my main goals, and I am encouraged by the progress made so far. How we handle the personnel aspects will be important to our ultimate success. I am committed to accomplishing the reorganization with a minimum of hardship to employees.

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The reorganization will unquestionably require consolidation of functions and, in some cases, the closing of certain activities. In the event employees of your agency cannot be transferred with the same functions, you should do everything you can to place them in other suitable positions, including filling vacancies within your agency with qualified employees scheduled to be displaced, working through the Civil Service Commission’s Displaced Employee Program to facilitate placements in other agencies, and providing opportunities for retraining.

This is a two-way responsibility. Just as I expect you to give all possible assistance to your own displaced employees, it is also your responsibility to give full consideration to hiring displaced workers of other agencies. This is the only way we can ensure that employees will not be adversely affected by the reorganization.

I have asked the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission to set up additional mechanisms to aid in the placement of employees affected, including mandatory priorities in hiring, and to provide you with other assistance as necessary. Chairman Campbell 2 will follow through with these efforts and will report the results to me.

I am counting on your cooperation and resourcefulness to help us carry out the transition to greater governmental effectiveness as smoothly as we can.

Jimmy Carter
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 364, Special Trade Representative, 1977–1979, Box 47, White House Official 1977. No classification marking. The memorandum was released on August 12. See Public Papers: Carter, 1977, Book II, p. 1463.
  2. Alan K. “Scotty” Campbell.