90. Telegram From the Mission in Geneva to the Department of State1

13849. Subject: USUSSR Chemical Weapons Negotiations. Preparations for Round Nine.

CW Message No. 18

We recommend that preparations for round nine focus on the items listed below:

1. How should the U.S. react to the Soviet proposals regarding non-transfer and declaration of previous transfers?

2. How should the U.S. react to the Soviet proposals regarding non-circumvention?

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3. What super-toxic chemicals should be placed on the “important” chemicals list.

4. How should the U.S. respond to Soviet suggestions concerning the list of “important” precursors?

5. What are U.S. views on whether and how to seek a U.S.-Soviet understanding on the purposes for which safe riot control chemicals may be developed, produced and stockpiled?

6. What capability does the PRC have to conduct chemical warfare?

7. Are there any steps which might be taken to make it easier for the Soviets to accept entry into force without the participation of the PRC?

8. Can the U.S. position on declaration and verification related to facilities be adjusted to improve negotiability while still giving the U.S. adequate information and access to the facilities?

9. Preparation of an informal paper summarizing the US position for exchange with the Soviets.

Vanden Heuvel
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy File, D780375–0858. Confidential; Priority. Sent for information to Moscow.