126. Telegram From the Department of State to the Mission in Geneva1

136331. Subject: USUSSR Chemical Weapons Negotiations, Round Twelve: Guidance. Ref: A) Geneva 47102 B) State 39607.3

State CW Message No. 2

(C—Entire text)

2. This message provides general guidance for round twelve. Detailed responses to the questions posed Ref A are being provided separately in the guidance package,4 which will be forwarded in the near future. Highlights are outlined below.

3. During round twelve the Delegation should continue the strategy contained in the guidance telegram for round eleven (Ref B). This strategy is to:

A. Continue to express US concern over reports of use of chemical weapons in Laos, Kampuchea and Afghanistan.

B. Emphasize the US hope that the pace of resolution of issues will be accelerated;

C. Continue to give priority attention to major unresolved issues; particularly verification-related issues (including declarations); and

D. Continue drafting in order to reaffirm and define precisely points thought to be agreed. (The Delegation should continue to be guided by the format and substance contained in the position summary provided to the Soviets during round nine.)

4. Key points in the guidance package:

A. A US proposal for possible agreed measures for moth-balling production and filling facilities is included;

B. A US proposal for a possible schedule for destruction of stocks has been developed;

C. Ideas for reaching a mutually agreed definition of the term “precursor” are provided;

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D. Previous guidance on challenge inspection procedures has been reviewed and reaffirmed.

5. The Delegation should endeavor to develop with the Soviets a progress report on the bilateral negotiations for presentation to the CD early this summer. The draft report should be transmitted for Washington review before presentation to the CD.

6. The Delegation should continue to brief allied representatives in Geneva during the course of the negotiations. In addition an offer should be made to hold quadrilateral consultations (US, UK, FRG, France) at a mutually acceptable time before the beginning of the next round.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy File, D800254–0889. Confidential; Priority. Drafted by Robert Mikulak (ACDA/MA/AT); and approved by Keeny (ACDA), Oplinger, Manuel Sanches (JCS), Merle MacDonald (OSD), David Carlson (PM/CA), and Thomas Davies (ACDA/MA). Sent for information to Moscow, USNATO, London, Bonn, and Paris.
  2. In preparation for round twelve of the chemical weapons negotiations, the Embassy requested guidance from the Department of State regarding how chemical stocks would be verified and then destroyed. (Telegram 4710 from Geneva, March 24; National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy File, D800149–0856)
  3. See Document 108.
  4. Not found.