314. Telegram From the White House to the Embassy in Peru1

White House 80613. For Ambassador Shlaudeman

Please deliver the following letter from the President to President Morales Bermudez at the earliest opportunity.

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Begin Text:

Dear Mr. President:

Assistant Secretary of State Mathea Falco has reported on a recent visit to Peru and on the impressive efforts your government is making to combat the flow of illicit drugs.2

The emergency law passed earlier this year aimed at eliminating illicit coca production in the key growing areas of Peru is, in our view, a vital step in dealing with the problem. The subsequent “Green Sea II” operation enforcing that law has produced dramatic and positive results.

You are, of course, aware of the United States’ strong domestic and international commitment to curbing illicit drug traffic. We see that traffic both as a threat to our own society and to the society of nations. The crime and enormous flows of money that it generates can undermine the economies. The political structures, and the national security of the producing countries.

For these reasons, I take great satisfaction in the close cooperation our two countries have developed in meeting this difficult problem.

With warmest wishes,


Jimmy Carter
  1. Source: Carter Library, National Security Affairs, Brzezinski Material, President’s Correspondence with Foreign Leaders, Box 16, Peru: President Francisco Morales Bermudez Cerutti, 5/77-6/80. Confidential. Sent for information to the Department of State.
  2. In telegram 2940 from Lima, April 2, the Embassy reported on Falco’s trip. (National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy File, D800174-0353)