306. Letter From President Carter to Philippine President Marcos1

Dear President Marcos:

It was a pleasure to meet the First Lady of the Philippines and to learn from her, as well as through your constructive letter of September 25,2 your views on the situation in the Philippines and current relations between our two countries. I believe your letter provides a particularly significant point of departure for developing a clearer mutual understanding of the nature of our partnership. My government is urgently reviewing the proposals you advanced, as well as the recent exchanges which have taken place in New York and Manila.

Ambassador David Newsom is participating fully in this review. When he arrives in Manila as my personal representative, he will convey to you specific proposals on the issues under discussion. I can assure you that our approach will be a positive one, which takes account of the views that you and Mrs. Marcos have expressed to me.

I look forward to continuing goodwill and cooperation between our nations.


Jimmy Carter
  1. Source: Carter Library, National Security Affairs, Brzezinski Material, Brzezinski Office File, Country Chron File, Box 39, Philippines: 1977. No classification marking.
  2. See Documents 303 and 305.