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Sources for Foreign Relations, 1977–1980, Volume XXI, Cyprus; Turkey; Greece

In preparation for this volume, the editors made extensive use primarily of Presidential materials held in the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Department of State materials held in the National Archives and Records Administration (Archives II) in College Park, Maryland. Of the Presidential materials, several collections proved to be particularly valuable for this volume. The 1977 Transition File contains a number of documents that detail how Governor Carter developed his policy toward the Eastern Mediterranean as a Presidential candidate. These documents provide a blueprint for Carter’s subsequent policies during his first year in office, and they also serve as a baseline to illustrate the extent to which the Carter administration reversed course once it had determined that a full negotiated settlement in Cyprus was out of reach. The National Security Affairs, Brzezinski Material, Country File for Cyprus, Turkey, and Greece is an excellent resource for many of the most important policy meetings on the Eastern Mediterranean region as well as miscellaneous but important documents pertaining to each country. The National Security Council, Institutional Files contain many of the NSC’s key meetings regarding policy toward the region. The National Security Affairs, Brzezinski Material, Subject File is generally the best source for memoranda of conversation between U.S. officials and their foreign counterparts. Finally, the National Security Affairs, Staff Material, Horn/Special File, containing memoranda from National Security Council Staff member Paul Henze to Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs Zbigniew Brzezinski, is an indispensable resource for understanding how the Carter administration eventually pursued policies that were more closely aligned with those of the Ford administration than with Carter’s own pledges first as a candidate for President and then during his first year in office.

Several collections originating in the Department of State and now housed at Archives II also proved extremely valuable for this volume. The Central Foreign Policy File is a repository for telegrams between the Department of State and U.S. diplomatic posts. Because of the multilateral nature of the issues in the Eastern Mediterranean, the cable traffic to, from, and among the Embassies in Nicosia, Ankara, and Athens is vital to understand Cypriot, Turkish, and Greek responses to U.S. policy. The lot file containing the records of Secretary of State [Page XIV]Cyrus Vance is a rich repository of key memoranda of conversation between Vance and the leading political figures of the region. The records of Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher (much of which was already declassified at the time of research) proved important particularly when he was serving as Acting Secretary of State. Finally, it would not have been possible to document the diplomatic challenges of the Cyprus impasse without the records of Department of State Counselor Matthew Nimetz. Nimetz, who served as the Department’s point person on Cyprus, was involved in nearly every aspect of U.S. efforts to achieve a settlement between the ethnic Greek and ethnic Turkish communities of Cyprus, both as a direct mediator and as a partner to UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim. The files of Matthew Nimetz and Paul Henze demonstrate the real and sometimes mutually exclusive choices confronted by the Carter administration and provide valuable insight in assessing the overall policy of the administration toward Cyprus, Turkey, and Greece. They also document the enormous influence that can be exerted by relatively unknown U.S. officials in the foreign policy establishment.

Because intelligence-gathering and analysis did not play a large role in the formulation of U.S. policy toward Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey, documentation originating in the Central Intelligence Agency is not prominently featured in this volume. Still, a number of documents from the CIA’s National Intelligence Council Files provide key insights into the political and tactical calculations of the leaders of Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey. Finally, the Department of Defense took a leading negotiation position with regard to efforts to reintegrate Greece into the military structure of NATO. Documents housed at the Washington National Records Center provided key memoranda between Department of Defense officials and their counterparts in Greece in the successful effort to reintegrate Greece and thus bring NATO back to its state before the war in Cyprus in 1974.

Unpublished Sources

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        • Country File
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        • Horn/Special
        • Office
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