216. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Nepal1

70323. Subject: Letter From the President to the King of Nepal.

1. Following is text of letter from President Carter to King Birendra, replying to King’s letter of February 7,2 which was delivered through Royal Nepalese Embassy. Signed original being pouched.3 Embassy should deliver soonest.

2. Quote: Your Majesty:

(A) Thank you for your letter of February 7 with its warm greetings and gracious reference to the close bonds of friendship between our two peoples.

(B) I appreciate the candor with which you have described Nepal’s situation and your hopes for ensuring your country’s peaceful development. Let me assure you that I intend to continue the U.S. policy of support for the independence and territorial integrity of Nepal and to maintain U.S. assistance programs designed to support the economic development of Nepal.

(C) Thank you also for explaining your proposal to declare Nepal a zone of peace. The objective of keeping Nepal free from involvement in foreign conflicts is certainly consonant with our policy towards Nepal and with our overall policy towards South Asia as a whole, which looks to peaceful settlement of disputes and concentration on the economic betterment of the peoples of the area. At the same time, however, American policy looks to the countries of the region to promote stability in South Asia without outside interference. Thus I do not believe it would be advisable for the United States to take a position on your proposal until specific understandings have been worked out with neighboring countries.

(D) I fully share your hope that the friendly relations between Nepal and the United Nations [States] will be further strengthened in the coming years. I am confident that they will be. Our common hopes for world peace and our common determination to address major global issues such as nuclear proliferation and the problems of development provide a firm basis on which we can work together for the good of all mankind.

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(E) It was most kind of you to invite Mrs. Carter and me to visit your beautiful country. We have heard much about Nepal, and I hope we will have occasion to accept your gracious hospitality at some point in the future.

(F) I hope you will convey greetings and best wishes from Mrs. Carter and myself to Her Majesty Queen Aishwarya.

(G) Sincerely, Jimmy Carter End quote.

[Omitted here is the remainder of the telegram, which quoted Birendra’s February 7 letter to Carter.]

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy File, D770110–0315. Confidential; Limdis. Drafted in the White House; cleared in S/S; approved by Dubs.
  2. See Document 215.
  3. No copy of the signed original was found.