280. Summary of Conclusions of a Mini-Special Coordination Committee Meeting1


  • Current Issues—Yemen and Iran


  • State

    • David Newsom, Under Secretary for Political Affairs
    • Ms. Lucy Benson, Under Secretary for Security Assistance, Science and Technology
    • Ambassador William Crawford, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs
  • OSD

    • Robert Murray, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Near Eastern, African and South Asian Affairs
    • David Ransom, Deputy Director, Near Eastern and South Asia Affairs
  • JCS

    • Lt. General William Y. Smith, Assistant to the Chairman
    • Admiral James A. Lyons, Assistant Deputy Director, Politico-Military Affairs


    • Dr. Robert Bowie, Director, National Foreign Assessment Center
    • John Helgerson, Assistant NIO, Near East and South Asia

    White House

    • David Aaron (Chairman)
  • NSC

    • Gary Sick
    • Thomas Thornton
    • Leslie G. Denend

The Mini-SCC met to update and review outstanding issues.


1. During ASD McGiffert’s attendance at the U.S.-Jordan Military Commission meeting on April 7 and 8, he will raise the issue of closer U.S.-Jordanian cooperation in Yemeni training. He will urge the Jordanians to provide training personnel to assist Yemen with the absorption of newly provided equipment. (S)

2. State and DOD will continue to press Saudi Arabia and Yemen for early completion of the training of Yemeni F–5 pilots. (S)

3. DOD will circulate draft guidance for General Lawrence to visit the YAR for a first-hand evaluation of the situation and to assess the absorption of new equipment.2 (S)

4. JCS will work promptly to secure release of SR–71 photos to Saudi Arabia at Saudi request. No additional flights will be undertaken unless the Saudis make a further request. (S)

5. DOD will dispatch a five-man survey team to evaluate the Sana airfield and develop options. The team will attempt to define the minimum construction necessary to support the F–5s and other systems stationed there, using regional assets as much as possible. (S)

6. The Embassy will approach the Saudis on the redeployment of the two AWACS aircraft back to the U.S., tentatively planned for April 8. If the Saudis request a brief extension, we should accommodate them. (S)

7. DOD will circulate draft guidance for the routine deployment of the Ranger to the Indian Ocean, replacing the Constellation approximately April 14. No replacement is presently planned after a deployment of about one month. (S)

8. In order to meet P–3 surveillance requirements, State/DOD should approach Saudi Arabia first on the use of commercial facilities for approximately one flight per week for a month. Oman will also be approached for the use of commercial facilities on the same terms. (S)

[Omitted here is material related to Iran.]

  1. Source: Carter Library, National Security Affairs, Brzezinski Material, Brzezinski Office File, Country Chron File, Box 56, Yemen. Secret. The meeting took place in the White House Situation Room.
  2. See Document 284.