277. Summary of Conclusions of a Mini-Special Coordination Committee Meeting1


  • Iran and Yemen


  • The Vice President
  • State

    • Mr. David Newsom, Under Secretary for Political Affairs
    • Mr. William Crawford, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs
    • Mr. James Michel, Legal Advisor
  • OSD

    • Admiral Daniel J. Murphy, Deputy Under Secretary for Policy
    • Mr. David Ransom, Deputy Director, Near Eastern, African and South Asian Affairs
    • Cmdr James Kelly, Iran Desk Officer
  • JCS

    • Admiral James A. Lyons, Assistant Deputy Director for Politico Military Affairs
    • Lt. Colonel Kenneth McKim, Staff Officer
  • CIA

    • Mr. Frank Carlucci, Deputy Director
    • Mr. Bob Ames, NIO Near East and South Asia
  • White House

    • Mr. David Aaron, Chairman
    • Mr. John Matheny, Vice President’s Staff
  • NSC

    • Captain Gary Sick
    • Lt. Colonel Leslie G. Denend

[Omitted here is material related to Iran.]

4. Ambassador West and General Cathey will be asked to assess Saudi intentions toward the Yemen situation in light of recent indications that their policy might be changing. (S)

5. The SR–71 flight scheduled for Thursday, March 15 will go as planned. After the intelligence is developed, specific authorization will be sought before delivering the material to Saudi Arabia or the YAR. [Page 851] After the flight, the U.S. will also begin an exchange of order of battle intelligence with the YAR if they are interested. (S)

6. The U.S. will seek to make the case with the YAR that the continued presence of Soviet advisors in North Yemen is no longer in their interest. (S)

7. All agreed that U.S. participation in support for North Yemen has moved into a period of consolidation. After having moved quickly to accelerate the delivery of equipment in response to urgent Saudi and Yemeni requests, U.S. efforts should now concentrate on support for acceptable diplomatic initiatives to resolve the conflict and effect a withdrawal and on our continuing to follow through on equipment deliveries at a measured pace. (S)

  1. Source: Carter Library, National Security Affairs, Staff Material, Global Issues, Oplinger/Bloomfield Subject File, Chron: 3/9–14/79. Secret. The meeting took place in the White House Situation Room. The minutes are not attached and were not found. Sent by Aaron to Vance, Brown, and Turner under a March 14 covering memorandum.