275. Summary of Conclusions of a Mini-Special Coordination Committee Meeting1


  • Yemen


  • State

    • David Newsom, Under Secretary for the Middle East
    • Lucy Benson, Under Secretary for Security Assistance
    • Ambassador William Crawford
  • OSD

    • David McGiffert, Assistant Secretary for International Security Affairs
    • David Ransom, Deputy Director, NEASA Region
    • Eric Von Marbod, Deputy Director, Defense Security Assistance Agency
  • JCS

    • Lt. General William Y. Smith, Assistant to the Chairman
    • Colonel Kenneth McKim
  • DCI

    • Dr. Robert Bowie, NIO
    • Raymond Andrews, NIO
  • White House

    • David Aaron (Chairman)
  • NSC

    • Gary Sick
    • Leslie G. Denend

A mini-SCC meeting was called to follow-up on decisions taken at the NSC meeting March 5.2 The following issues were reviewed: (C)

1. Under Secretary Newsom will brief the Congress this afternoon and tomorrow to convey the following points: (C)

—Status of deliveries to the YAR and Saudi Arabia including anticipated additional sales, and our intent to waive the required formal 30-day notification period for three sales to the YAR which have just completed the informal notification period. (C)

—That if Saudi aircraft enter combat in support of the YAR, it may be necessary for the United States to replenish Saudi air munitions. (C)

—That U.S. forces will not be directly involved in activities in the YAR but that training connected with arms sales will go forward as planned. (C)

—If questioned on the War Powers Resolution, Newsom will respond that U.S. forces will not be involved in the YAR. He will indicate that we are very aware of the resolution and will consult if and when required. (C)

2. The Saudis have declined our offer to send F–15s to Saudi Arabia but have requested the urgent deployment of AWACS. Two AWACS aircraft currently in Okinawa will move to Saudi Arabia during the next 24 hours. (C)

3. Rather than provide U.S.-origin long-range artillery to the YAR, the U.S. will encourage Yemen to use artillery already in their inventory, seeking ammunition and support from Egypt if necessary. (C)

4. To answer the question posed by Princes Fahd and Saud on the legal implications for the United States Government if Saudi Arabia were to go to the aid of the YAR under their defense pact, State and Defense will review the U.S. statute. (C)

5. Should U.S. participation in the Saudi planning effort to assist the YAR become significant, it may be necessary to augment the number of people presently available to General Cathey. (C)

  1. Source: Carter Library, National Security Affairs, Staff Material, Middle East, Subject File, Box 94, Yemens: Meetings: (3/7/79 Mini-SCC): 3/79. Confidential. The meeting took place in the White House Situation Room. The minutes are not attached and were not found.
  2. See Document 271.