45. Telegram From the Embassy in the Republic of China to the Department of State1

5096. Subject: Briefing of Premier on Secretary’s PRC Trip. Ref: State 197242.2

1. I briefed Premier Chiang on August 19, presenting the points provided reftel. The Premier did not probe for details and asked no questions other than that I repeat the exact wording of the statement that our approach would continue “to be guided by our concern not to undercut Taiwan’s security and well-being.”

2. In response to my presentation, the Premier summarized the ROC’s well-known attitude toward U.S. contacts with the PRC and em[Page 139]phasized that this position had not changed. He then offered as a personal view that Secretary Vance should expect to get “strong reactions” (i.e., a hard line) from the PRC leaders he meets, regardless of who they might be. In view of the complex internal problems on the Mainland, the Premier said, the PRC leaders will feel compelled to give evidence of their anti-Americanism in order to bolster their positions. He therefore predicted that the PRC leaders would all adhere to the same line, make no concessions on Taiwan, try to drive a wedge between the U.S. and the USSR, and show no flexibility on Korea.

3. After giving his response, the Premier asked if we had any objection to his issuing a brief statement to the press simply stating that the Ambassador had met with him to discuss “Sino-U.S. relations” and Secretary Vance’s trip. I agreed on the clear understanding that the statement would not go beyond this and would include no reference to the substance of our discussion.

4. Premier ended the meeting by saying he would welcome the visitor to brief him here following Peking discussions and that morning August 27 satisfactory.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy File, P840084–1990. Secret; Nodis.
  2. See Document 44.