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292. Memorandum From Acting Secretary of State Christopher to Vice President Mondale 1

[Omitted here is discussion unrelated to P.L. 480.]

PL 480 Agreements. FY–1978 Title I agreements have now been negotiated and signed with nine governments, covering 2.7 million metric tons of commodities (approximately 50 percent of the total Title I program for FY–1978). Purchase and shipment of most of these commodities are expected to begin in the next several weeks. Negotiations have been authorized or are underway with another nine countries, covering nearly 750,000 tons of commodities. These negotiations should be completed in the next two weeks, with purchase and shipment to follow. Programs for 12 other countries, covering another 1.6 million tons, are still under consideration by the Interagency Staff Committee chaired by the Department of Agriculture.

In light of the recent amendment that brings human rights considerations to bear on the Title I program,2 we have thus far asked six countries with serious human rights problems to agree to a new provision in the PL 480 agreement which, in essence, provides that the food or the proceeds from its sale will be used to benefit the needy. Following is the status of Title I programming in these six countries.

Indonesia: The Indonesians accepted the new provision and the agreement has been signed. We are advised that they will probably start to purchase the commodities in the next few days.

Korea and Bangladesh: The new provision has been accepted and negotiations are nearing completion. Shipments can be scheduled soon thereafter.

Somalia: Negotiations have just begun. We believe the Somali Government will not object to the language.

Guinea: The new provision has been accepted, an agreement has been signed, and shipments can be scheduled.

Zaire: Negotiations are still underway, but the GOZ has not objected to the new provision.

In view of significant Congressional and farm state interest in expediting this year’s Title I program, we will continue to seek maximum progress in implementing the program.

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