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National Security Decision Memorandum 329, Washington, May 5, 1976.1 2


May 5, 1976

National Security Decision Memorandum 329

TO: The Secretary of State
The Secretary of Defense
The Director of Central Intelligence

SUBJECT: U.S. Military Operations and Intelligence Activities Based in Thailand

The President has reviewed the interagency study on alternative siting for U.S. military operations and intelligence activities based in Thailand. He has decided that the United States will continue to seek Thai agreement for continuation of the following activities:

  • -- Use of an airfield for supply flights and P-3 operations;
  • -- [text not declassified]
  • -- Incorporation of Joint Casualty Resolution Center (JCRC) activities and a reduced staff into our Defense Attache Office. Should the Thai Government refuse to allow the JCRC to remain in Thailand, it will be relocated to U.S. territory;
  • -- Continued operation of the seismic station in Chiang Mai or transfer of its operations to the Thai. This activity will be discontinued if neither of these alternatives is possible.

The U.S. Government will also seek agreement from the Government of Singapore to conduct P-3 patrols and Diego Garcia support operations from Singapore. This approach should be made regardless of the Thai decision on granting access to Thai airbase facilities.

No attempt will be made to retain U-2 intelligence gathering operations in Thailand.

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[text not declassified]

Operation of the SEATO Medical Laboratory will be discontinued unless the Thai Government requests that it remain in Thailand,

To implement these decisions, the Department of State, in coordination with the Department of Defense and the Director of Central Intelligence, will:

  • -- Seek agreement from the new Thai Government to retain the military and intelligence activities listed above.
  • -- Develop a strategy for approaching the Government of Singapore to obtain access for U.S. military aircraft and agreement to allow us to conduct P-3 operations. In developing this approach, we should attempt to remain within the limits of our current levels of security assistance.
  • -- Determine the political impact of moving [text not declassified]
  • -- [text not declassified]

[signed] Brent Scowcroft

cc: The Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

  1. Source: Ford Library, NSC Institutional Files (H-Files), Box H-69, NSDM originals [2 of 2], NSDM 316–NSDM 330. Top Secret; Sensitive. A copy was also sent to the Chairman of the JCS.
  2. Scowcroft issued NSDM 329 outlining military and intelligence activities that the United States seeks to continue in Thailand.