323. Transcript of Telephone Conversation Between the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger) and the Director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (Smith)1 2

K: Gerry?

S: Henry, on this piece of paper Dobrynin passed yesterday, is there anything else one can know about it?

K: I have told you everything I know. We deliberately didn’t go into any discussion. He said we should look at it favorably. The President said we would study it and reply through normal channels.

S: Is this why he is seeing the Secretary today?

K: He is seeing the Secretary as far as I know from Dobrynin—given the great communication within our bureaucracy—on MBFR.

S: I thought I would make some suggestions to the Secretary in case this comes up.

K: Would you send me a copy? We did not arrange this. We are not dying for a five-power conference, and the President’s instinct is to treat it in the most dilatory way.

S: Something constructive might be squeezed out of it.

K: Could you do a memo for the President of what your view is on the matter.

S: I will get it over today.

K: It literally took five minutes. There was no substantive discussion partly you will be pleased to know, because I didn’t know how the hell to play it.

S: It’s a difficult one to react to quickly. If Rogers is asked anything about it, he should say we will study the paper. Okay, Henry, I will send you something today.

  1. Source: Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Kissinger Papers, Box 368, Telephone Conversations, Chronological File, 14–18 June 1971. No classification marking.
  2. Kissinger and Smith briefly discussed Ambassador Dobrynin’s visit to the President the day before and the Soviet proposal for five-power conference on nuclear disarmament.