330. Memorandum From C. Fred Bergsten of the National Security Council Staff to the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger)1


  • Failure of Agencies to Clear with Us on Policy toward New U.K. Agricultural Program

Per your instruction, I informed Nat Samuels this morning of your displeasure—particularly in view of the coming Heath visit—that the White House was not consulted before (a) State gave the British a note outlining our unhappiness over the trade implications of their newly announced agricultural policy,2 and (b) State’s public statement on the subject yesterday.3

Samuels recognized that he should have done so. He apologized, and assured me that any further steps would be fully coordinated with us. As I predicted, he viewed his action as moderating what the economic agencies might otherwise have done.

A related issue is a letter sent by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to the President, Secretary of State, and all of the economic agencies recommending a tough U.S. position toward the Common Market,4 especially regarding British entry. I reminded Samuels that NSDM 685 gave the Under Secretaries Committee the responsibility for coordinating our public statements concerning EC policy, and that I expected him to do so to avoid any disparate responses from the economic agencies. He assured me that he would.

Substantively, the economic aspects of the EC expansion negotiations remain a major problem. The British move on agricultural trade has exacerbated the problem significantly and accelerated its timetable. I will shortly send you a proposed White House reply to the Chamber of Commerce letter, and an information memorandum outlining the nature and significance of the British move.

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