289. Minutes of a National Security Council Review Group Meeting1


  • U.S. Policy Toward Spain (NSSM 46)2


  • Chairman—Henry A. Kissinger
  • State
  • William I. Cargo
  • Martin J. Hillenbrand
  • Donald McHenry
  • Defense
  • G. Warren Nutter
  • CIA
  • Edward W. Proctor
  • JCS
  • Lt. Gen. F. T. Unger
  • OEP
  • Haakon Lindjord
  • USIA
  • Henry Loomis
  • Commerce
  • Kenneth N. Davis
  • STR
  • Carl J. Gilbert
  • NSC Staff
  • Helmut Sonnenfeldt
  • C. Fred Bergsten
  • Richard T. Kennedy
  • Jeanne W. Davis
  • Arthur T. Downey


It was agreed that:

1. State and Defense should revise the basic paper3 by January 23, to include:

—base packages in order of priority with a rough estimate of the sustainable quid pro quos in each instance;

—the costs of relocating elsewhere;

—the source of funds for an educational assistance program.

2. The economic question should be presented to the President in relation to the bases issue, making it clear that the only reason for being soft on the economic issue would be if it were linked to the bases issue.

3. The issues would be presented in a memorandum to the President from the Review Group, attaching the letter from the Secretary of Commerce, unless any of the NSC principals wished to request an NSC meeting.

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4. A separate paper would be prepared by State and submitted in “a few weeks” on the future evolution of the Iberian Peninsula, including the direction in which we want the Spanish to go, the range of choices, and the extent to which we can influence their course.

[Omitted here are the minutes of the meeting.]

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, NSC Institutional Files (H-Files), Box H–111, Senior Review Group, SRG Minutes Originals 1970. Secret. The meeting was held in the White House Situation Room.
  2. Document 279.
  3. Document 287.