138. Minutes of a National Security Council Review Group Meeting1


  • U.S. Policy Toward Post-De Gaulle France (NSSM 60)2


  • Chairman—Henry A. Kissinger
  • State
  • Martin J. Hillenbrand
  • William I. Cargo
  • Donald McHenry
  • Defense
  • G. Warren Nutter
  • CIA
  • R. Jack Smith
  • JCS
  • LTG F. T. Unger
  • OEP
  • Haakon Lindjord
  • USIA
  • Frank Shakespeare
  • NSC Staff
  • Helmut Sonnenfeldt
  • William Hyland
  • Richard T. Kennedy
  • Jeanne W. Davis


The Issues Paper3 should be revised to:

a. discuss French entry into the NPG in terms of its advantages and disadvantages and to absorb Secretary Rogers’ recommendations;

b. add a sub-option on the joint targeting issue allowing for tripartite US–UK French talks with SACEUR “being kept informed” with an indication that it is the least desirable option.

—In the light of the information that the French did not plan to raise military issues during the Pompidou visit the President should be asked if he still wishes an NSC meeting prior to the visit.

—That the question of the proposed French Mediterranean strategy be raised at the NSC meeting if it takes place.4

—That, of the military issues, the US raise with Pompidou only the question of association with the NPG.5

[Omitted here is the discussion.]

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