192. Memorandum From the Executive Secretary of the United States Intelligence Board (Lowe) to Holders of USIB–D–72.1/171


  • Intelligence Value of Project MATADOR


  • USIB–D–72.1/17, 11 November 1974,2 special limited distribution

On 11 November, the CIA, DIA, [less than 1 line not declassified] and AEC members of USIB concurred in the reference report, and the Treasury and FBI members abstained. The State member non-concurred with the following comment:

“The Director, INR/State, believes that this assessment (and therefore the recommendation) is too optimistic and positive. It is misleading to estimate that our ‘basic priorities and estimate of overall gain from the acquisition of equipment and documents have not changed measurably.’ (Paragraph 2 of reference) [6½ lines not declassified] Thus, the overall gain from a second mission is almost certainly to be of much less value than the original estimate. [3 lines not declassified]

Bruce A. Lowe Executive Secretary
  1. Source: National Security Council Files, Ford Administration Intelligence Files, MATADOR, 1975. Top Secret; [codewords not declassified]; MATADOR/[codeword not declassified]. Special limited distribution.
  2. Document 191.