305. Telegram From the Embassy in Greece to the Department of State1

1034. For Deputy Assistant Secretary Davies from Ambassador Tasca.

I would hope in light of continuing pattern of his remarks that you would review the conclusions in your letter of December 42 that we do not have enough evidence to support representations to friendly governments regarding Andreas Papandreouʼs calls for violence against Americans in Greece. Since that time, Papandreou has repeated his call for “dynamic resistance” against the Greek regime and its U.S. supporters on at least three occasions (Deutsche Welle, December 10; Munich Radio, December 22; BBC, January 3). In addition, we have recent report that main obstacle to Papandreouʼs group cooperating with Communist resistance group PAM is that latter will not agree to campaign of violence [less than 1 line not declassified].
I realize the problems raised for the Department by making representations about Papandreou to a government which depends on liberal support, such as Canadian Government, but American lives are at stake. Leaflets are again being distributed calling for violence against American installations. There were, as you know, four bombs planted recently, intended to destroy American automobiles, and on the evening of February 26 we received another bomb threat which fortunately did not materialize. Papandreou in a letter to Senator Case associated himself by implication with the bombing attempt not only on the Embassy but also with that on September of Defense Laird while he was meeting with the Prime Minister here.
I believe that we could raise this subject with the Canadian Government without making representations. The facts of Papandreouʼs calls for violence against the installations and representatives of a friendly country should be of concern to a government which has granted him residence, particularly since the Canadian Government has only recently had firsthand experience with senseless violence. I think the least we should do is bring the facts to their attention.
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  2. Not found.