226. Telegram From Secretary of State Kissinger to the Department of State1

Hakto 12/13145. Deliver to General Scowcroft by fastest possible means. Eyes Only Sensitive General Scowcroft.

To General Scowcroft

From Secretary Kissinger

1. Pass the following message from me to Hafiz Ismail:

2. Begin text of message:

I deeply appreciate your message of October 20,2 which reached me a few hours ago in Moscow. We have reached agreement with General Secretary Brezhnev that our governments will introduce a joint Security Council resolution this evening calling for an immediate cease fire no later than 12 hours from the adoption of the resolution, the implementation of Resolution 242 in all of its parts, and a decision to start negotiations under appropriate auspices aimed at achieving a just and durable peace. On this basis, I believe we can look toward a settlement satisfactory to all parties. To this end, we have agreed with the Soviet Government that the United States together with the USSR will be prepared to use their good offices and participate as required to facilitate a fundamental settlement. Thus, the three parts of your message to me are taken into account in the joint resolution. I can assure you that as the fighting ceases, the United States will use its influence to secure a lasting peace in the Middle East on a basis just for all parties.

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I want to add my personal hope that we can continue to use the special contact we have established, and which has proved so useful in recent days.

Warm regards.

End text

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