153. Transcript of Telephone Conversation Between President Nixon and Secretary of State Kissinger1

N: Are you back at State?

K: Yes.

N: The thing I wanted to say was this. In following this strategy I want you to lean very hard on the Israeli Ambassador that I am very distressed about these stories and I have information—I am talking to the press people—it is not coming from him but from lower level people who are putting out the line that we are not supporting Israel. I will not tolerate this and if I hear any more of this I will hold him responsible. Will you tell him?

K: Yes.

N: You and I know that Israel is not going to lose this war but we cannot fight both sides. If we hear any more stuff like this I will have no choice domestically except to turn on them. I can get the names of these people.

K: These fellows that are writing . . .

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N: I know but these people go over there. They think it helps the Israelis but it does not. The Embassy people should have them cool it.

K: I will have them do it immediately.

N: We are helping them; he knows that doesn’t he?

K: Yes.

N: It is like the Agnew thing. He talked all right but his lower level people did not. The Israelis have to trust us or there is no game.

K: I will call him immediately.

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, Kissinger Telephone Conversations, Transcripts (Telcons), Chronological File, Box 22. No classification marking.