292. Editorial Note

On May 29, 1972, the United States and the Soviet Union concluded the talks in Moscow by issuing a joint communiqué on areas of agreement and disagreement on a range of topics that was meant to establish a new era of stable relations between the two countries. The section on the Middle East reads: “The two Sides set out their positions on this question. They reaffirm their support for a peaceful settlement in the Middle East in accordance with Security Council Resolution 242. Noting the significance of constructive cooperation of the parties concerned with the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, Ambassador Jarring, the US and the USSR confirm their desire to contribute to his mission’s success and also declare their readiness to play their part in bringing about a peaceful settlement in the Middle East. In the view of the US and the USSR, the achievement of such a settlement would open prospects for the normalization of the Middle East situation and would permit, in particular, consideration of further steps to bring about a military relaxation in that area.” The full text of the communiqué is printed in Public Papers: Nixon, 1972, pages 635–642.