171. National Security Decision Memorandum 871


  • The Secretary of State
  • The Secretary of Defense


  • Military and Financial Assistance to Israel

The Deputy Secretary of Defense on October 3 sent to the President a memorandum entitled “Follow-up Actions with Israel.” The Secretary of State with concurrence of the Secretary of Defense on September 26 sent to the President a memorandum entitled “U.S. Financial Assistance to Israel, FY 1971.”2

In response to these memoranda, the President has made the following decisions:

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1. The list of military equipment at Tab B under the memorandum from the Deputy Secretary of Defense is approved as described. This equipment should be provided to Israel promptly. No political conditions are to be attached; options for trying to launch Arab-Israeli negotiations will be dealt with in the NSC system in connection with NSSM 103.3 The conditions on use of this equipment applied to the August 14 equipment package4 (i.e. Israel would not unilaterally break the cease-fire using this equipment or use it beyond a 50 kilometer zone across the Suez Canal) should also be applied to this package.

2. The substance of the recommendation for $500 million in financial assistance to Israel in FY 1971 is approved as described in the memorandum of the Secretary of State. The timing of the presentation of this appropriations request to the Congress is to be dealt with in a separate memorandum5 and is to be held until that decision is made.

Henry A. Kissinger
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