163. Memorandum From President Nixon to Secretary of State Rogers and Secretary of Defense Laird1


  • Follow-up Actions with Israel

As a follow-up to my conversation with Prime Minister Meir,2 will you please assure that discussions take place promptly with Israeli representatives to develop (a) a suitable further package of military equipment to offset the military advantages gained by the UAR in violations of the military standstill and (b) recommendations for Israel’s longer term equipment needs in US FY 1971 and 1972. In these discussions, sympathetic attention should be given to Israel’s requirements.3

A first set of discussions, to be held this week if at all possible under the aegis of the Deputy Secretary of Defense, should be arranged to develop an anti-missile package. The following should be covered in these discussions:

1. The equipment provided to date for use against the surface-to-air missile complex in the UAR should be reviewed as to quantity and quality and possible additions should be identified.

2. Complementary or alternative Israeli strategies for defending the Suez cease-fire line until it is replaced with permanent borders should be discussed (a) in relation to the anti-missile package and (b) with a view to establishing a framework for determining what other additional equipment Israel may need (e.g. artillery, aircraft, armor) over the longer term.

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A recommendation on this package with alternatives should be submitted by October 2.4 Although the contents may overlap, development of this package should not delay immediate preparation of the contingency package in connection with WSAG planning on the current Jordan crisis.

A subsequent meeting should be called to hear a presentation of Israel’s longer term equipment requirements. The interagency group that has been used for this purpose in the past, chaired by the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, should be convened for this presentation.

A recommendation on this package with alternatives should be submitted by October 23.

Memoranda containing these recommendations should be forwarded through the NSC Interdepartmental Group for Near East to the Chairman, NSC Senior Review Group by the dates specified.

Richard Nixon
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