128. National Security Decision Memorandum 661


  • The Secretary of State
  • The Secretary of Defense


  • Next Steps in the Middle East

Based on discussion in the NSC meeting of June 10,2 the President has approved the steps recommended in the Secretary of State’s memorandum of June 9,3 subject to the following:

1. He wishes to increase the number of earmarked Phantoms for the months of September and October from four to five.

2. He wishes to make clear that Israel should be informed that we are making a commitment to deliver the earmarked planes starting in September unless such deliveries at that time would seriously jeopardize any ongoing negotiations between the parties which may be in process. It is not contemplated that there would be a need for further internal review at that time of the arms delivery question unless some new dramatic development were to occur. Neither would there be need for a further publicized request by Israel.

3. In addition, the President believes it is important that in the discussions between Israeli representatives and our Pentagon officials we respond both affirmatively and promptly to the ongoing requests which Israel has made for various items of logistic support. These include the items listed in your memorandum, i.e., Hawk ground-to-air missiles, bombs, tanks, radar and acceleration of spare parts deliveries for F–4s and A–4s.

Henry A. Kissinger
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