188. Memorandum for the Record1


  • Minutes of the Meeting of the 40 Committee, 7 December 1970


  • Mr. Kissinger, Mr. Packard, Mr. Johnson, Admiral Moorer, and Mr. Helms. Mr. Mitchell was not present because of a conflicting meeting.
  • Mr. Charles A. Meyer, Mr. William Broe, and Mr. Arnold Nachmanoff were present for Item 1.
  • Mr. John Hart was present for Item 2.
  • Rear Admiral James C. Donaldson, Jr. was present for Item 3.
  • Colonel Richard T. Kennedy and Mr. Wymberley Coerr were present for all items.

1. Chile

a. Mr. Kissinger asked for a progress report on the CIA covert action program in Chile.

b. Mr. Broe stated that there are no new proposals, but actions are continuing designed to exacerbate relations between groups and individuals in the UP coalition and between UP elements and Allende, as well as to build a non-communist political opposition. Efforts are also continuing to develop new contacts and obtain additional intelligence sources in the Chilean Armed Forces.

c. Mr. Kissinger asked about the current attitude of the Chilean Armed Forces. He commented that it appeared that the Allende government was handling them much as the Nazis did the German Army prior to World War II and that the Chilean military were being just as stupid, if not more so, than the German Army had been.

d. Mr. Johnson thought this a very interesting parallel.

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e. Mr. Broe responded that the present attitude of the Chilean Armed Forces could perhaps be best described as one of considerable caution.

f. Mr. Broe stated that it seems the political situation is changing some. He observed that the PDC is pulling together more, has purchased a number of newspapers and is still considering the purchase of Radio Cooperativa. However, the PDC also has a debt of 25,000,000 Escudos resulting from the Tomic electoral campaign, and it is likely they will be seeking U.S. financial support for their media activities and political opposition efforts. Mr. Broe pointed out that the National Party (PN), too, is seeking funds for purchases of news media and is sending a delegation to Washington for this purpose. He expressed the view that sponsorship of radio and news outlets by political parties, as opposed to individuals, will offer a greater chance of success as Allende may not move so strongly against a political party as he would against an individual. Mr. Broe concluded that the main objective must be to keep the PDC and PN, and factions thereof, from fighting one another and not provide support to any group unwilling to pull together to form a Center-Left coalition.2

g. Mr. Kissinger asked why it is necessary to have a united Center-Left coalition as long as they are all opposing Allende. He commented that if a presidential election were going on then we would certainly want a united opposition, but it seems in the present situation the more centers of opposition the better it might be.

h. Mr. Broe expressed the view that if the opposition elements cannot be stopped from fighting one another and persuaded to start pulling together, the opposition will be ineffective.

i. Mr. Meyer stated that it would seem well to form some kind of National Unity, instead of Popular Unity, and agreed that the main problem is to persuade the opposition elements not to fight one another.

j. Mr. Kissinger asked if Allende would not become aware of U.S. funding if extensive financial support is provided for the purchase of news media, presses and radio outlets for opposition elements.

k. Mr. Broe agreed that this would be a problem and it would have to be handled very carefully. However, he felt that secure arrangements could be worked out through certain European sources and assets.

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l. Mr. Kissinger asked what has happened thus far to the media in Chile and requested a report on the subject. He also requested a memorandum on the splits and frictions within the UP between the Communists and the Socialists.

m. Mr. Helms said he would undertake to provide memoranda in response to both of these queries. This was done under date of 18 December 1970.3

[Omitted here is discussion unrelated to Chile.]

Frank M. Chapin
  1. Source: National Security Council, Nixon Intelligence Files, Subject Files, Chile, 40 Committee Minutes. Secret; Eyes Only. Drafted on December 29. A copy was sent to Mitchell, Packard, Johnson, Admiral Moorer, and Helms.
  2. According to a December 7 memorandum by Nachmanoff, Korry stated in a backchannel message that he “did not find it necessary to use the $25,000 contingency fund authorized for possible influencing of the PDC Party convention in favor of the Frei group leadership.” Korry noted that the PDC would need substantial funds to purchase media outlets and for operating expenses in 1971. (Ibid., Chile 1970)
  3. See Document 191.