283. Memorandum From the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger) to Secretary of State Rogers Laird1


  • Additional MAP for Indonesia

The President has directed the following actions, in response to the memorandum of February 4 from the Secretary of State.2

An expanded MAP program for Indonesia is approved on an annual basis totaling approximately $15 million per year (including the imputed valuation of items supplied from excess stocks), with the five year projection strictly for planning purposes. No commitments for a five year program should be implied, nor should the program be designed so as to provide more gradual deliveries in the early years with a speed-up toward the close of the period.
Because of his conversations with President Suharto the President has directed that there should be more combat matériel than is envisaged in the illustrative program enclosed with the memorandum of February 4. There should be informal consultations with the Indonesian Armed Forces as to their combat equipment priorities, in order to determine what combat matériel should be considered for the program.
A supplemental MAP appropriation bill should not be required in order to finance the $10 million increase over the original budget for MAP for Indonesia in FY 1971. This increase should be met from deductions from other programs and insofar as possible from maximum use of excess stocks.
You are authorized to proceed immediately with discussions with the Indonesians.
The nature of the proposed program should be definitively spelled out prior to President Suharto’s visit in late May.
Henry A. Kissinger
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  2. See Document 280; Rogers’ February 4 memorandum has not been not found.