280. Memorandum From the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger) to Secretary of State Rogers and Secretary of Defense Laird 1


  • MAP Alternatives for Indonesia

At the Review Group Meeting on December 22, 1969,2 it was agreed that the Departments of State and Defense would prepare a memorandum for the President spelling out in broad terms the equipment which would be supplied under the military aid program for Indonesia, under Options 3 and 4 of Section VI B of NSSM 61.3

The consensus in the Review Group was that the program should be somewhat larger than at present and that there should be a judicious addition of combat equipment to the present program, which is limited to civil action equipment.

The President believes that his conversations with President Suharto oblige him to proceed with a combat/civil action mix, between Options 3 and 4. For planning purposes a program level of about $15 million should be assumed. (If supplies are available from surplus stocks, they could of course be utilized, reducing somewhat the need for additional MAP appropriations.)

The report to the President should be submitted by February 2.4

Henry A. Kissinger
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