25. Note From President Ford to the Soviet Leadership1

The President appreciates receiving the detailed Soviet views on the Cyprus situation. In the spirit of our agreement to consult closely on situations capable of raising international tensions, the President wishes to respond promptly to the considerations set forth in the Soviet communication of August 15.2

We agree of course that everything should be done to achieve an end to the conflict and a just settlement. It now appears that a ceasefire, as called for by the UN Security Council resolutions which we both support, can be established today. When this occurs, the next objective must be to bring the parties together as soon as possible to undertake immediate efforts toward a settlement. The President has carefully considered the advisability of the joint initiative proposed and elaborated in the Soviet communication of August 15. In the present delicate situation, the President feels that it may be wiser for our two countries to continue to use their diplomatic influence, with the parties as well as in the UN Security Council, to ensure that the ceasefire will remain effective and that the parties make a maximum and prompt effort to bring about a settlement acceptable to all concerned.

We should of course remain in close contact as the next phase develops to determine how we can most effectively contribute to achievement of this common goal. As our ideas develop, we shall communicate them to the Soviet side.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Lot File 81D286, Records of the Office of the Counselor, Box 8, Soviet Union, Aug–Sept 1974. No classification marking. According to marginalia, the note was delivered to the Soviet Embassy at 11:30 a.m. on August 17. Sonnenfeldt forwarded a draft of the note to Kissinger on August 16. (Ibid.)
  2. Document 18.