208. Editorial Note

Richard Nixon resigned as President on August 9, 1974, before his probable impeachment for involvement in the Watergate scandal. In his final address to the nation, Nixon listed the accomplishments of his administration, among them the breakthroughs with the Soviet Union on limiting nuclear arms. He concluded, “We have opened the new relation with the Soviet Union. We must continue to develop and expand that new relationship so that the two strongest nations of the [Page 1035] world will live together in cooperation, rather than confrontation.” For the full text of Nixon’s address, see Public Papers: Nixon, 1974, pages 626–629.

Vice President Gerald R. Ford was sworn in as President the same day. Planning continued for the next U.S.-Soviet summit, which was held in Vladivostok in November. Documentation is scheduled for publication in Foreign Relations, 1969–1976, volume XVI, Soviet Union, August 1974–December 1976.