106. Transcript of Telephone Conversation Between the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger) and the Soviet Minister Counselor (Vorontsov)1

V: He [Dobrynin] is walking outside the Embassy but he will be back by 1:00 o’clock.

K: He ought to be in good condition.

V: I hope so.

K: I have three things. We would appreciate it if you would send the text over of what the Ambassador read to me2 and could you deliver this to Colonel Kennedy. He is sitting in Haig’s office.

V: I will do that.

K: Second, I wanted to confirm what I told the Ambassador last night,3 and what I also told you,4 that this operation is now completed.

V: I see. That’s good.

K: And the assurance I gave is now in effect until we get a reply from the other side.

V: Good.

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K: And finally just as he advised me yesterday about our actions—I do not think that it would be very conducive to the success of what you and I are planning. If your reactions could be as calm as the circumstances make possible. It would be very difficult for me to be there while protests and demonstrations are going on.

V: I understand your point.

K: Now, one final thing. Commander Howe will be ready to discuss technical things with you.

V: All right.

K: Should he call you?

V: Yes, he can call me. I will be here in the Embassy and he can come here or I will come to his office.

K: We will use your interpreters, is that all right?

V: Fine, we have very good ones.

K: All right. Then you will bring that over here.

V: I will take and get it to Colonel Kennedy.

K: I will be difficult to reach but I can be if necessary. I will be at a christening. My office knows where to reach me.

V: Good.

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