334. Editorial Note

No minutes have been found for the Washington Special Actions Group meeting of June 24, 1970. According to a June 23 briefing memorandum for Henry Kissinger, prepared by John Holdridge, the main purpose of this meeting was to have a quick rundown of steps being taken to aid Cambodia before President Nixon’s departure for San Clemente on June 25. In addition Holdridge informed Kissinger that “our aid to Cambodia is running into big money:” $25 million for the Cambodian Military Assistance Program for fiscal year 1971, $59 million projected as added on to the Military Assistance Programs for Thailand and South Vietnam for Cambodian-related expenses, a potential additional $75 million for paramilitary forces in the southeast Laos–northeast Cambodia–northwest South Vietnam triangle, and unspecified funding for Indonesian support to Cambodia. The Department of Defense and Central Intelligence Agency were both having difficulties with the funding. Finally Holdridge alerted Kissinger to the fact that the Lon Nol government was running out of money and might be out of cash within a month or so. Holdridge suggested Kissinger review the Washington Special Actions Group Working Group plan for paramilitary operations in south Laos, northeastern Cambodia and northwestern South Vietnam. Plans to drop propaganda leaflets over Cambodia and to use enemy documents captured in Cambodia were “unexceptional” and could be discussesd if time permitted. (National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, NSC Institutional Files (H-Files), Box H–078, WSAG Meeting, Cambodia, 6/24/70)