317. Editorial Note

No minutes have been found for the Washington Special Actions Group meeting of June 4, 1970. A June 4 briefing memorandum for this meeting from John Holdridge to Henry Kissinger indicates that the issues to be discussed were the same as for the meeting of June 2 (see Document 314). The briefing memorandum for the next meeting on June 8 indicates action had been taken as a result of the June 4 meeting. Johnson sent a backchannel message to Bangkok outlining levels of support for the two Thai regiments to be assigned to the Black Panthers in Vietnam thus freeing two regiments already in Vietnam for possible duty in Cambodia. Johnson also outlined the level of support for the two ethnic Thai–Khmer regiments that could be recruited and replace the regular Thais in Cambodia. Johnson sent cables to Bangkok endorsing Thai air support for forces operating in Cambodia and for the plan for Thailand to loan Cambodia five T–28 aircraft to replace similar planes of the Cambodian Air Force which were undergoing repairs. These cables are attached to the June 8 briefing memorandum. (National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, NSC Institutional Files (H-Files), Box H–074, WSAG Meetings, Cambodia, 6/4/70 and 6/8/70)