153. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State 1

3719. Subj: Scale of Assessments. Ref: USUN 3716.2

We were informed by Meyer Picon (Mexico) he expected draft res which would direct Comite on Contributions increase maximum reduction for low per capita income countries from 50 percent to 60 percent would be sponsored by six LDC’s dels having reps on Comite on Contributions plus Mexico.
Accordingly, yesterday we approached reps of Dem Rep of Congo, Iran, and Peru, and they agreed withhold sponsorship, at least for time being. We had received similar assurances earlier from Pakistan.
This afternoon Buffum saw Fakhreddine (Sudan), explained strength of US opposition to opening up assessment issue, and urged he not sponsor res. Fakhreddine said he was sorry but had already agreed both sponsor and introduce res. He added he understood countries mentioned above would also sponsor. When we informed him our [Page 288]understanding of position Congo, Iran, Pakistan, and Peru, Fakhreddine said that, if this true, he would have to reassess position because he did not wish to be only one of three sponsors. Said he would look into situation and hoped meet with us tomorrow.
It clear our best tactic is attempt avoid tabling draft res, and accordingly we will discuss matter with reps Brazil and Mexico.
Hope tomorrow be able make judgment whether Dept should go to capitals re this matter.
GADel liaison officers have been briefed re this matter and will attempt convince potential beneficiaries of LDC’s res to go along with “no change” policy and will also attempt sell this policy to floor countries.
Yesterday both France and USSR expressed concern that LDC’s draft res had now dropped para which would authorize increase in US percentage contribution. They said they suspected US prepared make “deal” with LDCs to protect its ceiling. Threatened that, if US did not succeed in avoiding tabling or in defeating LDC’s res, they would denounce US “deal” with LDCs and would propose increase in US assessment percentage. Viaud (France) also stated such result would mean end of further cooperation between US and France on administrative and budgetary questions.
MISOFF told reps of France and USSR that US Del doing its best to prevent any change in criteria for establishing scale of assessments and did not appreciate threats re this matter. Said he saw no evidence that France and USSR were making efforts to defeat LDC’s res and that they were apparently quite content that US assume responsibility for defeat of res. French and USSR reps appeared convinced of sincerity US position as result Congressman Fascell’s general debate statement in Fifth Comite and agreed they would work to secure votes against LDC’s res.
In conversations with French and USSR reps, it appeared be their position that, even if LDC’s res defeated, US would have expect no reduction at all in its contribution in immediate future. MISOFF said this was not consistent with 1957 res and would not be accepted by US. Will try arrange four-power mtg this entire subject tomorrow in order be certain uniformity of views on part all four.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1967–69, UN 10–4. Confidential.
  2. Telegram 3716, October 22, transmitted the text of the draft resolution. (Ibid.)