152. Telegram From the Department of State to the Mission to the United Nations 1

178547. Subject: UN Scale of Assessments. Ref: USUN’s 3338,2 3534,3 35114 and 3645.5

Developments with respect to forthcoming Fifth Committee consideration of Contributions Committee report and increasing prospects of effort to eliminate or alter ceiling concept and to raise U.S. assessment, (reftels) bring us to conclusion that intervention by U.S. PermRep directly with PermReps of key missions in New York may be necessary.
We share USUN unwillingness to accept deal such as offered by Da Mota and reported USUN 3645. We unable to see how decision to increase allowance for low capita income from 50 to 60%, as proposed by para. 23c of Committee report can fail to lead to increased U.S. assessment, particularly in light of paras. 23d and 38 of report. In absence of assurance that a workable alternative can be developed which would stand good chance of success, we convinced we must [Page 287]continue (para 4 of USUN 3511) concert with other major contributors in position that there should be no change in Committee’s guidelines and no increase in allowances for low per capita income.
As pointed out in position paper SD/A.5.626 an increase in U.S. assessment rate would be completely unacceptable to both Executive and Legislative Branches. Taking into account provisions in current appropriations bill requiring $2.5 million of U.S. contribution be made in excess currencies, it not unrealistic to foresee more serious stricture placed on future contributions, particularly if U.S. is increasingly taxed by international organizations not only on basis higher budgets but also through higher proportionate share of assessments.
In addition to high level approaches by USUN, we would appreciate Mission’s comments as to usefulness and possible nature of approach through U.S. Embassies to key countries. Also we prepared call in representatives here if considered desirable.
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