151. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State 1

3645. Subj: UN Scale of Assessments.

Yesterday Da Mota (Brazil–Chairman Fifth Comite) asked to meet with MISOFF to discuss action to be taken by Fifth Comite on report of Comite on Contributions.
Da Mota produced draft res, which he asked MISOFF examine, saying he could not presently give him copy. Draft res contained fol important paras:
Preambular para quoting from Para 38 of report Comite on Contributions to effect that Comite noted “that in the light of other directives of the Assembly, further reductions in the assessment of the largest contributor from 31.57 percent to reach the level of 30 percent prescribed under its present terms of reference may not be appropriate in the present circumstances.”
Operative para directing Comite on Contributions to increase maximum allowances for low per capita income countries from 50 percent to 60 percent.
Operative para authorizing Comite on Contributions to increase percentage assessment of highest contributor if it found this necessary to enable it make other necessary adjustments in scale.
Da Mota stated that operative para C had been proposed by someone other than himself and he believed there was chance secure deletion this para if US could support balance of res.
MISOFF informed Da Mota that draft res was totally unacceptable even if para C deleted. Restated US position it would oppose any res which affected its present ceiling position, including right of US have its contribution reduced to 30 percent. Da Mota replied that, assuming para C deleted from draft res, it would not affect ceiling position of US since it would result in no increase in US percentage and further would have no effect on possible decrease in US percentage since there was no real possibility that either Comite on Contributions or Fifth Comite would support any further decrease in US contribution percentage at this time. He believed that realistically US should be happy if it could avoid having its percentage increased.
MISOFF also stressed danger that res would inevitably result in reduction of floor percentage below .04 percent. Da Mota said that he did not believe that this was case and there was no movement at present time for decrease in floor percentage. He added, if and when such decrease occurred, resulting impact would have be absorbed completely by countries other than low per capita income countries.
At conclusion discussion, Da Mota said he was sorry US could not accept his suggestion because he was certain that draft res would be tabled and thought it very likely would contain para C, which he personally was willing delete. He also stated we should recognize he personally would not participate in handling draft res since as Chairman Fifth Comite it would be inappropriate for him be involved.
In course of discussion Da Mota mentioned Mexico and Pakistan as two other countries involved with Brazil in this effort. Accordingly, MISOFF spoke to Shahi (Pakistan) re matter and pointed out [Page 286]serious situation which would arise if res tabled along lines that produced by Da Mota. Shahi said Yunus (Pak) had asked for authority co-sponsor res “in order to isolate us” but that Shahi had instructed him not to cosponsor. Later Yunus informed MISOFF Shahi had merely instructed him not to co-sponsor at present time but to await developments.
MISOFF also spoke to Amjad Ali (India–Chairman of Comite on Contributions) re matter and informed him of US views. Ali professed ignorance of proposed draft res but commented he realized proposal of low per capita income countries would affect contribution highest contributor.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1967–69, UN 8–4. Confidential.