224. Editorial Note

NSSM 46, “U.S. Policy Toward Spain,” dated April 21, 1969, called for a study of policy toward Spain that would look beyond the negotiation of the renewal of the agreement on U.S. military bases in Spain. In addition to the issue of military assistance to Spain were the issues of the Spanish desire to be accorded developing country status to qualify for whatever tariff preferences the United States accorded developing countries, and the preferential trading arrangement Spain was negotiating [Page 580] with the European Community (see also Documents 221223). These issues, often considered as a quid pro quo for the base renewal negotiations, were highlighted in a December 29, 1969, memorandum from Martin Hillenbrand to Elliot Richardson. Hillenbrand noted that there were two issues on which early decisions were needed: the future of the U.S. military presence in Spain, and U.S. policy on Spanish association with the Community. (National Archives, RG 59, S/S Files: Lot 80 D 212, NSSM 46)

On January 20, 1970, William I. Cargo (S/PC) sent a memorandum to Richardson informing him of the results of the January 16 NSC Review Group meeting on Spain. Cargo reported that the State Department, in cooperation with the Defense Department, would prepare an issues paper for use by the President in setting policy regarding the base negotiations and the impending preferential trade arrangement. (Ibid.) Hillenbrand forwarded the joint State-Defense paper to Secretary of State Rogers on January 26, and Rogers sent the President the State Department’s views on January 27. (Both ibid.)

On February 20 Kissinger issued NSDM 43 with the President’s decision to seek to retain as many of existing military rights and facilities in Spain “as are possible within the limits of a sustainable quid pro quo” and to reach “prompt agreement … within the Government on a quid pro quo that can be offered in the negotiations, sustained over the term of the agreement, and which will avoid an impasse with Congress.” (Ibid., S/S Files: Lot 83 D 305, NSDM 43)

Regarding the Spanish preferential trade agreement with the European Community, see Document 227.