28. Editorial Note

The first Japanese-United States Policy Planning Consultation meeting took place in Washington from September 21–24, 1964. The meeting was attended by Japanese representatives from the Foreign Office and the Embassy and by U.S. representatives from the Policy Planning Council and the Intelligence and Research and the Far East bureaus of the Department of State.

That meeting, modeled on the Atlantic Policy Advisory Group within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), initiated what would become a continuing series of consultative meetings occurring approximately every 6 months, with the site alternating between the United States and Japan. The objectives of the meetings were to encourage an informal exchange of views on pertinent issues not necessarily reflective of current policy, as well as to improve communications and to identify issues of importance requiring future action. The United States also intended the meetings to serve as a vehicle through [Page 37] which Japan could define its own long-term interests and the United States could demonstrate Japan’s equality with other major partners.

Relevant documents and summaries of the meetings are in the National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Central Files 1964–66, POL 1 JAPAN–US and POL 1–1 JAPAN–US.