101. Editorial Note

Although the United States and Japanese Government officials focused their attention on the reversion question throughout the second half of 1967, both sides continued to work toward reaching an agreement on the entry and berthing in Japanese ports of nuclear-powered surface ships (NPSS). After the details of the NPSS visits were resolved, the Japanese accepted an aide-mémoire, and the exchange of notes on November 2 set the stage for the arrival and mooring of nuclear-powered warships in specified ports in Japan. The first was the USS Enterprise, which arrived on January 19, 1968, at Sasebo. Documents pertaining to the negotiations and finalization of the agreement, as well [Page 222] as copies of the aide-mémoire, United States Embassy note, and Japanese Foreign Ministry note are in the National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Central Files 1967–69, DEF 7 JAPAN–US.