16. Editorial Note

The 15th ANZUS Council held its annual meeting in Canberra June 30–July 1, 1966. Secretary Rusk headed the U.S. delegation, Prime Minister Holyoake led the New Zealand delegation, and Foreign Minister Hasluck headed the Australian delegation. Notes on the meeting are contained in airgram A–2 from Canberra, July 8. (Department of State, Central Files, DEF 4 ANZUS) Verbatim records of the ANZUS Council meetings are ibid., S/S-Conference Files: Lot 67 D 305, CF 45. Secretary of State Rusk sent President Johnson and Acting Secretary of State Ball a combined telegraphic report on the ANZUS Meeting, the SEATO Meeting which preceded it June 27–29, and the quadripartite discussions of June 30; Document 76.