360. Editorial Note

On Saturday, November 4, 1967, at 2:20 p.m. President Johnson met with Secretaries Rusk and McNamara, Special Assistant Rostow, Director of Central Intelligence Helms, Press Secretary George Christian, and Special Assistant Jim Jones for a luncheon meeting. The lunch took place in the West Sitting Room of the White House. In the early part of the meeting, President Johnson asked if Eugene Locke could fill the post of Ambassador to the Philippines (Ambassador Blair had left on October 24). The President expressed worry about the Philippines, stating, “I feel it in my bones that there is going to be a problem there.” The President remarked that he trusted LOCKE, but perhaps he was too close to the President to be placed in the position of Ambassador to the Philippines. The remainder of the conversation, which lasted until 3:55 p.m., did not relate to the Philippines. (Memorandum from Jones to the President, November 4; Johnson Library, Meeting Notes File)