226. Memorandum From the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Wheeler) to Secretary of Defense McNamara1



  • Proposed Military Assistance Program for Indonesia (U)
(C) Reference is made to a letter from the Acting Deputy Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, dated 19 October 1966, to the Secretary of Defense, that recommends a FY 1968 Military Assistance Program (MAP) of $6 million for Indonesia.2
(C) As stated in the reference, there is no direct military requirement for an Indonesian MAP. Nevertheless, it appears prudent to implement a small MAP to support the civic action endeavors of the Indonesian Armed Forces. In this regard, Secretary Thompson has presented a substantial case in support of his proposal.
(C) The illustrative program presented by the reference is adequate for its purpose; however, the actual content of the program should be subject to CINCPAC recommendation and review by the Joint Chiefs [Page 479] of Staff. Further, to provide $6 million in the FY 1968 MAP would in all likelihood result in the majority of the material and services being provided in CY 1968 with some items of material not being received until CY 1969. This two- to three-year delay is considered untimely and possibly detrimental to its intended purpose.
(C) To provide timely assistance to Indonesia, it would appear that requirements should be funded in FY 1967. It is believed that this can be done within funds that are, or will become, available to the FY 1967 MAP without reduction of individual country programs, provided add-on requirements for Laos are included in the FY 1967 Department of Defense supplemental appropriation. If this can be done, it is recommended that:
A $6 million material and services program be provided under the FY 1967 MAP and that, for planning purposes, the FY 1968 MAP dollar guideline for Indonesia be established at $6 million.
If necessary, Indonesia be included within the Mundt Amendment in lieu of one of the terminated countries, other than Japan.
Earle G. Wheeler 3
  1. Source: Washington National Records Center, RG 330, OASD/ISA Files: FRC 70 A 6648, 000.1 Indonesia, 1966 (091.3 Indonesia). Confidential.
  2. This letter is attached to a letter from Underhill to Robert A. Feary, CINCPAC’s POLAD, October 24. (Ibid., RG 84, Djakarta Embassy Files: FRC 69 A 6507, Def 19 US-Indo)
  3. Printed from a copy that indicates Wheeler signed the original.