174. Telegram From the Consulate in Medan to the Department of State1

65. 1. Two officers of Pemuda Pantjasila separately told Consulate officers that their organization intends kill every PKI member they [Page 367] can catch. November 14 Secretary Medan City Pemuda Pantjasila said policy his organization is to ignore public calls for calm and order by Sukarno and other leaders. He stated Pemuda Pantjasila will not hand over captured PKI to authorities until they are dead or near death. He estimated it will take five years to eradicate all PKI. Similar statements were made few days earlier by leader North Sumatra cultural arm of Pemuda Pantjasila.

2. [less than 1 line of source text not declassified] sources indicate that much indiscriminate killing is taking place (FNM–1516).2 [less than 1 line of source text not declassified] Consulate sources have connected some of this violence with declaration “holy war” against PKI by local Moslem leaders. While press has carried relatively little on such violence, November 10 newspapers carried account of “revolutionary youth” cornering and beating to death PKI member North Sumatra legislature.

3. Press has also in recent days carried reports of five mutilated bodies discovered in Medan streets. PKI terrorists blamed. Commenting on these reports, above sources stated it is press policy to play up deaths of anti-Communists in order justify attacks on PKI members.

4. Same sources indicate strong hostility toward PNI and expressed determination “clean up” that organization.

5. Secretary Medan Pemuda Pantjasila at one point said bitterly that only way solve Indonesia’s problems is to shoot dead both Subandrio and Sukarno. His companion agreed. Other Pemuda Pantjasila leader said on separate occasion that if Sukarno refuses ban PKI he likely be overthrown. Comments by other Consulate sources suggest growing hostility toward Sukarno generated by his evident reluctance ban PKI. Worth noting that Medan press to date has carried no word of Sukarno’s recent attacks on U.S.

6. Comment:

Attitude Pemuda Pantjasila leaders can only be described as bloodthirsty. While reports of wholesale killings may be greatly exaggerated, number and frequency such reports plus attitude of youth leaders suggests that something like real reign of terror against PKI is taking place. This terror is not discriminating very carefully between PKI leaders and ordinary PKI members with no ideological bond to the party. FNM–15152 suggests that army itself is officially adopting extreme measures against PKI with plans to put many thousands in concentration camps.
PNI was out in force on both November 9, when they presented statement to General Mokoginta, and on November 10 heroes [Page 368] day celebration. PNI avoided endorsement of demand for ban on PKI on both occasions. PNI remains large and apparently strong here and there is real possibility of violence between PNI and militant anti-Communist groups. (Pemuda Pantjasila and PNI youth clashed briefly on November 2, and Pemuda Pantjasila members reportedly carried knives and clubs to November 10 mass meeting in anticipation of clash with PNI.)

  1. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Central Files 1964–66, POL 23–9 INDON. Confidential. Repeated to Djakarta.
  2. Not further identified.
  3. Not further identified.