300. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Ethiopia1

671. As result of interagency and DOD reviews Secretary of Defense has approved dollar level of $15 million for Ethiopia as part of DOD FY 1966 MAP budget request. Since current MAP submission is for $10.2 million, CINCMEAFSA has requested MAAG provide additional programming data for $4.8 million.

Ambassador well understands that $15 million level for FY 1966 is subject to congressional action and that exact figure is classified and therefore should not be disclosed to IEG. Nevertheless, we believe SecDef approval of increased appropriation request begins set stage for progress in two important directions in U.S. relations with Ethiopia. First, should reassure IEG re degree importance USG attaches to IEG military requirements; second, should greatly strengthen Ambassador’s hand in influencing IEG on Congo, general African issues, ChiCom recognition and other matters of importance in the U.S.-Ethiopian relationship.

Believe with appropriately qualified language, and bearing in mind requirements of congressional action including possibility of reduction in amount, Ambassador can now use this decision as positive indication U.S. responsiveness IEG requests in area major concern to latter. We do not wish IEG officials gain impression U.S. possesses limitless budgetary resources and financial ability to respond to IEG requests.

Re your 860,2 allocation of funds for specific items FY 1966 MAP program, this will be worked out through normal interagency consultations among Washington, MacDill and field.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, DEF 19 US–ETH. Secret; Priority. Drafted by Galanto; cleared by Colonel Heffner in DOD/ISA, Muller, and Blake; and approved by Tasca. Repeated to CINCMEAFSA and also for POLAD/CINCMEAFSA.
  2. Dated December 2. (Ibid.)