298. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Ethiopia1

546. Refs: Embtels 689 and 698.2 Following is for use in your next audience with Prime Minister for purpose discussions US military aid to Ethiopia:

During November 6 meeting Prime Minister and Ambassador discussed series of matters pertaining to US military aid programs Ethiopia, matters which simultaneously receiving maximum attention US Government agencies concerned in Washington.
Already before November 6 meeting USG had decided send to Addis for purposes consultation Pentagon official who among most knowledgeable re Ethiopia program. Col. Charles C. Heffner arriving Addis November 10.
F–5’s. You may inform IEG in writing US readiness deliver squadron of twelve F–5’s over next several years, with three to four aircraft to arrive during March-June 1966 time frame, subject to IEAF completion their required F–5 preparation as described part two Embtel 483.3 You may inform IEG orally that US is attempting to get additional FY66 funds from Congress which would enable funding 2 to 3 more aircraft for Ethiopia along with a small number of additional aircraft each for other high priority countries such as Korea, GRC and Turkey. These additional aircraft for Ethiopia if funded would normally be delivered in early 1967. FYI: Any earlier delivery must compete with these other high priority countries mentioned above. End FYI.
C–130’s. In order to meet what IEG has set as highest priority needs (F–5’s and support for IEGF) USG because of our own fund limitations not in position provide commitment on C–130’s.
MIG problem. You may inform IEG orally USG aware of problem and will take into consideration types of jet fighters USSR delivers to Somalia. USG would expect consult fully with IEG, including exchange of intelligence and estimates, concerning resultant GSR air capability.
Re remainder items your 698, suggest you report progress along lines you have already described. Expect you will continue put pressure on IEG for matching performance in readiness to absorb, maintain and utilize.
Heffner prepared discuss all these questions in detail with Ambassador and Chief MAAG. Suggest you hold off next week’s return appointment with PriMin until you have had opportunity talk with Heffner.
Department appreciative way you handled general policy issues between US and IEG as well as military aid questions in your talk with PriMin. We have found your analysis and suggestions for action on various military aid items most helpful.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, DEF 19–3 US–ETH. Secret. Drafted by Galanto; cleared by Williams, Newsom, Warren, Lang, Muller, and General Pinkston in ODMA; and approved by Harriman.
  2. Both dated November 6. (Ibid., POL 2 ETH and DEF 19–3 US–ETH, respectively)
  3. Dated September 28. (Ibid.)