267. Telegram From the Embassy in Ghana to the Department of State 1

3412. Subject: Under Secretary’s Trip.

Under Secretary, Fredericks and I had 45-minute meeting with Lt. General Ankrah afternoon May 15. Only other person present was E.C. Quist-Therson, DepSec to NLC.
Ankrah was in excellent spirits. Extended warm welcome to party and expressed great delight that such high-ranking official had come to Ghana. Said NLC very much appreciated speed with which USG had responded to Ghana’s needs immediately following February 1966 coup. But for this support he stated there would have been confusion and unrest and NLC could have had difficult time to “get going.”
Ankrah also expressed gratitude for PL–480 help and for leadership shown by US Delegation at April Paris meeting of donor countries. Said several countries had already responded, and disclosed that UK [Page 467]will extend pounds 4 million ($11.2 million) loan (understand that pounds 3 million is balance of Volta Dam loan which never used). Ankrah remarked this a welcome turnabout for HMG, which up to now had not been too helpful or forthcoming. Cited as example failure UK to release GOG of obligations on frigate.
On subject AID program loan, Under Secretary said while he not able give firm commitment since “paper work” not completed, he confident loan in neighborhood $20 million would be agreed upon.
As anticipated, Ankrah brought up cocoa and urged once again that we bring pressure on industry representatives to accept a reasonable minimum price.
On civilian government, Ankrah indicated he had no confidence in politicians and NLC would not step down until country ready for it. Said NLC wants make certain that constitution truly reflects wishes of Ghanaians. Adoption constitution therefore could take “quite some time.”
Ankrah noted he will visit Canada in October, and plans visit Washington, where he hopes it may be possible see President Johnson. Comment: If Ankrah does come to Washington, which need not be State visit, I hope it may be possible for President to see him. Ankrah is great admirer of President, and during Under Secretary’s visit General expressed once again his vigorous and strong support for President’s Viet-Nam policy.
  1. Source: Department of State, S/S-S Files: Lot 68 D 453. Confidential.