264. Letter From President Johnson to Chairman of the National Liberation Council Lieutenant General Ankrah1

Dear Mr. Chairman:

I am profoundly grateful for your recent letter and your other gestures of good will. The warm and generous spirit they reflect is great comfort to me. Close relations between us and between our two countries can only strengthen the cause of freedom in Africa and the world.

Your vigorous and effective efforts to revive the Ghanaian economy are most impressive. I am told that your Economic Mission made a splendid impression here, due in large part to the sound economic policies already outlined by the National Liberation Council. My experts share your confidence that the program of economic reforms you are now working out with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund will provide a solid basis for a sound combination of stability and growth. I want you to know that we support you in these efforts.

I was also deeply gratified by your kind words about my remarks on the third anniversary of the Organization of African Unity. Some of the actions I suggested on that occasion are already underway and others are under active study. I understand that negotiations are now in progress with your own Government to include Ghana in the program to eradicate measles and smallpox in West Africa. I was also pleased to authorize our AID Mission in Accra to talk with your people about exploring the feasibility of a telecommunications system linking your capital with Lagos, Cotonou, Lome, and possibly Abidjan. I hope that success in these enterprises will lead to many more programs of regional cooperation for the common economic good. I would be delighted to have your thoughts and suggestions concerning these and any other promising projects of a similar character.

It is a great pleasure, Mr. Chairman, to exchange views and ideas with you. I hope that we can remain in close personal touch. As you press forward with measures to advance social and economic development, you may be certain that you have my personal best wishes and the continuing sympathy and support of the United States.


Lyndon B. Johnson
  1. Source: Johnson Library, National Security File, Special Head of State Correspondence File, Ghana, 3/24/66–10/6/66. No classification marking.